Sales Schedule

Thank you for registering to the 2017 NGC Panorama User Conference.

The One-on-One sessions will take place on:
Thursday, May 18 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
 Attendees may request blocks of 10-30 minutes for an individual meeting.

We invite you to select the NGC staff member’s “Schedule Meeting” link to access their calendar with available times and confirm your appointment.

Roger Mayerson, VP Business Solutions
Expertise: Strategy all solutions, Advanced quality Tablet


Ron Grilli, VP Business Development
Expertise: Strategy all solutions, Business Intelligence (BI) Tool


Jennifer Carter, Director, Solutions Consulting
Expertise: Andromeda,all solutions, advanced quality tablet, business intelligence (BI) tool


Stefanie Valerio, Solutions Consulting
Expertise: Andromeda, All solutions, business intelligence (BI) tool